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Designer Judith Anna Rüther (JAC) approaches her designs, teaching assignments and art work with determination and attention to detail. As well as her passion for design and typography JAC has always been interested in the threshold regions of her profession. The love of her profession and an intensive dialogue with her clients are prerequisites for providing excellent work. She proves this with clever visual images and unusual editorial designs.


For JAC the client’s identity and the idea of the event are a yardstick for her design work – no matter whether it is for small companies or great cultural events. JAC helps her clients to bring out the message and character of their products and gives great content a significant shape. Above all the vision is predominant. Following this principle JAC creates precise designs that radiate personaility and get a clear message across.


2018 DDC Award


2017 Type Directors Club Award


2017 HOW international Award


2017 German Design Award


2016 German Design Award Nominee (3x)


2016 Joseph Binder Award (Auszeichnung)


2016 iF Communication Design Award


2015 HOW international Award


2015 red dot Award


2014 Die schönsten deutschen Bücher (Longlist)


2006 DDC Nachwuchspreis


2006 red dot Award

Publications (Extracts)

Book »Design Origin Germany« victon:ary


Magazine »Novum. World of Graphic Design 07.16« 


Book »Typogaphy – Exploring the Limits« Sandu Publishing


Book »Left, Right, Up Down« Die Gestalten Verlag


Magazine »Page« 2016-04


Magazine »Slanted Magazine #3 – Handmade, Custom, Script«


Magaine »HOW – Spring 2016«


Magazine »Co & Co Magazin« black 2014 & yellow 2015 & black 2016


Blog Good Design Makes Me Happy


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Judith Anna Rüther
Huckarder Straße 12
44147 Dortmund


Mobile +49 179 509 17 96

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Umsatzsteuer-ID gem. §27a Umsatzsteuergesetz: DE262498384 


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Fotos: Hannes Woidich,
Fotos Wegeleitsystem »Rundlauf Bochum 2013«: Bande für Gestaltung

Heimat Design
»Guide To The West«

Editorial Design

  • Cover: Brückner & Brückner

  • Cover: Brückner & Brückner

  • Design: KoeperHerfurth, Illustration: Patricia Tarczynski

  • Design: KoeperHerfurth

  • Design: NEU Designbüro

  • Design: NEU Designbüro

  • Design: florida creative lab

  • Design: florida creative lab

  • Design: Brückner & Brückner

When was the last time you have been to North Rhine-Westphalia? (Local residents excluded, naturally) …precisely, why should you? The 16th issue of the Heimatdesign magazine wants to answer this question and offers a Guide to the West to make NRW perceptible on a touristic level, without being touristy while doing so. A collection of about 200 locations, confided to the magazine by 21 creative workers. Their favourite places which, under different circumstances, would not have been able to gain such a radiant appreciation. Or, to say it with a quote from the editorial: “No luck finding the Eiffel Tower here, but instead you can discover the best kebap place at the corner, recommended by the guy at the gallery just recently”.
The magazine is divided in geographical categories: Cologne, Düsseldorf, the Ruhr Area, Münster, and Bielefeld as well as Wuppertal and Krefeld. Each chapter was outfitted with its own colour which also influenced the photographic concept. There, the portraits of the particular subject-matter providers are keyed in the specific colour of the region.
Therefore, this special issue is not only content-wise intended to be different: it was developed through a so-far-unique collaboration between five graphic design agencies from Dortmund, during which each of them was able to contribute their personal concepts into the realisation of the issue. That way, Neu Designbüro interpreted Cologne, KoeperHerfurth the Ruhr Area, JAC-Gestaltung Düsseldorf, florida creative lab Bielefeld, Münster, Krefeld and Wuppertal and Brückner & Brückner the editorial section. Only the colour and photographic concept were fixed, as well as the column.